Big Texas hail and first Stevens Pass snowflakes

While Texas has been dealing with massive frozen ice pellets from heaven, Stevens Pass has had its first bout with soft, gentle snowflakes as the season marches toward winter. And we have video of both.

First up is from Underwood, Texas where a hailstorm on Oct. 12 slammed vehicles on I-27.

The video is by Jenny Brown with storm chasing outfit Texas Storm Chasers and she said it was tennis to baseball-sized hail during the storm. It was intense enough that it actually broke the windshield of their truck as well as their headlight casing.

(Note: There is some off-color language in the background uttered by some of the surprised passengers, and yes, I did get permission to show the video here on the blog.)

Brown says they were lucky in that they were able to continue their storm chase but many other vehicles on I-27 were completely disabled and lost many of their windows. Believe it or not, hail is responsible for the most insurance claims by the hand of Mother Nature.

How about something more exciting -- at least as far as local skiers go?

Jonathan Cooper was up at Stevens Pass on Tuesday and was able to capture the first snow up there -- it didn't stick to the roads, but you can see a dusting on the higher hills:

Forecast models indicate some of the coolest weather we've had this season is set to arrive over the weekend, dropping snow levels down to around 3,000 feet, which means snow might be seen again up at Stevens -- perhaps even enough for light accumulations!