Aurora turns Washington skies green for St. Patrick's Day

Northern Lights appear over Keller, Wash. (Photo: Rocky Rabell)

Even Mother Nature got into the St. Patrick's Day spirit this year.

A solar flare that was unleashed by the sun early Friday morning reached Earth early Sunday morning, making for a dazzling display of the Northern Lights across Washington.

Rocky Rabell, who lives out in Keller in northeastern Washington, said the aurora kicked in just after midnight and continued until dawn.

"This is the first time I've actually been able to see the light reflected off of the water," Rabell wrote on his YouNews page. "The weather guy came through. :) " Rabell promises more photos on his Flickr page later.

Greg Johnson of had his dual HD cameras rolling from his waterfront perch nears Hansville and captured the event as the auroras peeked through the clouds just after 2 a.m.

Northern Lights were reported as far south as Colorado, according to, you can see more photos from their gallery.

The solar storm was still under way Sunday morning, but unknown if it would maintain enough strength to bring an encore appearance Sunday night. Keep taps at for the latest solar storm information.