Amazing Seattle-area weather videos and pictures from the past two months

With the Christmas holidays running into a mid-January storm, followed by some time off, I've accumulated quite a backlog of amazing weather photos over the past 6 weeks in my inbox.

From incredible sunrises on Mt. Rainier to interesting ice displays on windshields (before the mega ice storm), Mother Nature has been flexing her artistic muscle in many different ways.

I've compiled the photos in the gallery link to the left here and provided a brief explanation in the photo summary and caption.

The photos start when we had our cold stretch in mid-December, and then feature items from our big sunsets in early January to the stormy skies a few days later.

In addition, we had people submit some great weather videos as well!

This one was taken in Granite Falls on Jan. 8, courtesy of Carl Wigren.

This is likely a jet contrail that was just at the right altitude to match a stable cloud layer and create this interesting streak in the sky:

Dr Dale Ireland's web camera captured these "Kelvin-Helmholtz" wave clouds over Silverdale on January 6:

KOMO News Photographer Eric Jensen took some slow motion time lapse photography from his camera at the start of the week of snow on Jan. 14:

And then once the snow hit, Sam in Kirkland compiled a nice tour of his snowy neighborhood: