Aloha-Oy! Some parts of Hawaii get Seattle's yearly rain in a week

Diners leave the Wailua Marina Restaurant as water cascades down the stairway leading to the Smith's Boat Rides, Monday, March 5, 2012 in Wailua, Kauai, Hawaii. (AP Photo/The Garden Island, Dennis Fujimoto)

It's saying something when people in Hawaii can look at coming to Seattle to find a drier spot, and that's saying something else when Seattle has had over 2" of rain itself over the past few days.

A relentless series of heavy thunderstorms stalled over the Aloha State, bringing days on end of torrential rains from March 2-9. We just got a list of some of the rainfall totals that week, and they are quite amazing, with most sites reporting between 2-10 inches of rain, but some sites went well over.

None was more soggy than Hanalei on the north shore of Kauai, which reported a super soggy 45.97 inches of rain -- or nearly 7 inches of rain a day! To put that in perspective, Seattle only gets 37 inches of rain a year on average. That's even wet by Forks standards -- about 1/3 of their annual total. The Wainiha Power House checked in at 43.84" while over on Oahu, the Oahu Forest station collected just short of 40 inches.

You can see the entire list at Honolulu's National Weather Service site

To top it off, Hawaii also had their first recorded tornado in four years, starting first as a waterspout but then pushing inland near Kailua near Honolulu.

Here is some YouTube video of the event:

And here are some other videos of Hawaii's soggy -- and thunderous -- week:

This one shows what they're terming is non-stop lightning, and they set it to some nice music to enhance the visuals, I guess:

Their storms have calmed down since, but boy, what a week!