Add it to the pile: March sets record for all-time warmest in Seattle

Sunset on another mild day in Seattle on March 21, 2015.

The end-of-the-month blogs these days seem to write themselves, just change the month...

For the fourth time in the past six months, Seattle has set the record for all-time warmest month. March 2015 now joins brethren October, December and February as the warmest on record at Sea-Tac Airport (70 years of data) by average monthly temperature -- found by taking the high and low and divided by two.

This month, the average temperature was 50.5 degrees, just beating 1992's 50.3 degrees. By average high temperature, we came in second place at 57.8 degrees, lagging only behind 1992's 59.1 degrees.

(The readings are behind three others from before Sea-Tac was "born" and records were kept in Downtown Seattle, including a 53.1 average temperature reading in 1941.)

March has featured a bit of extremes, with a mix of sunshine and very warm temperatures for several days, and drenching rains the next. The 2.20 inches of rain that fell on March 15th was the second wettest March day at Sea-Tac. On the other hand, 11 of the 31 days were 60 degrees or warmer, and only three days of the month were considered below normal and none since March 4.

The month also appears to be cementing that Feb. 1 may go down as our last day of the season with a high under 50 degrees which usually that date isn't until well into March, sometimes April.

And March will now make it 13 consecutive months that we've had above normal temperatures.

I've made a short graph to show our amazing warm stretch by average monthly temperature and where the months rank overall in parenthesis -- again this is through 70 years of data):

And as the blog I wrote two weeks ago says (and will probably write again in two weeks), the long range forecasts show no stopping to the overall warm weather pattern -- perhaps lasting through the summer.