A surprising place to find warmer weather than Seattle

Photo Credit: © [Mystery town] City Hall.

June is here, but pardon the skeptics who are thinking we are one again trapped in another infamous weather month in Seattle: "Juneuary."

Although personally, I think this weather in the mid 60s has been downright pleasant, and I'm sure a LOT of Seattle natives will agree, but I also know there are a lot of people who think by June, 70s should be a bit more common in the forecast.

But not this week. In fact, here is the National Weather Service's forecast this week for Seattle:

That is an average high of 62 and an average rain chance each period of 63%.

Now if that does seem a bit chilly by June standards, compare it to this mystery location's 7 day forecast from the National Weather Service:

Can you figure out what city this forecast is for? (Or, at least guess the region?) The avearge high temperature forecast is 63 degrees and average rain chance is 21%.

Give up?

Are you sure?

(Has the page scrolled down far enough to where you didn't cheat?)

(How about now?)

OK, here is the image with the city revealed (if the photo credit didn't give it away already).

Now you might be wondering: "Where in the heck is Aniak?"

This map will show you:

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It's a picturesque village about 300 miles west of Anchorage. Yes, it's not quite the Arctic Circle, but it can probably see it from its house.

So if you're in Aniak and you're thinking of coming south for some summertime warmth this week, just make sure Sea-Tac is a connection and not your final destination.

Photo at top of page Aniak City Hall, Alaska Community Photo Library