3 weeks of Seattle rain = 3 hours of Atlanta rain

Raindrops on a car in North Seattle. (Photo: Mike McLaughlin)

I was amazed to see that through Tuesday afternoon, Seattle had only accumulated 1.07" of rain in February, despite the fact that it's been a regularly gray month. Turns out, my eyes did not deceive me: Counting trace amount of rain, it has rained on 21 of the 26 days of the month in Seattle.

That's made possible by the fact that only one of those rainy days has had more than 0.15" of rain -- Feb. 22's 0.37". At least 13 of the days with measurable rain were less than 0.10" with Tuesday still pending as a front was moving in during the late evening.

So, three weeks of rain for barely an inch.

On the other hand, a thunderstorm that moved through Atlanta Tuesday morning had decidedly different results: 1.02" of rain in 3 hours and 26 minutes. So take that storm, sprinkle it out over three weeks, and that's your Seattle February in a nutshell.

Incidentally, Atlanta has had four days alone in February that has had more rain in that day that we've had all month.