3 feet of snow for New England?!? Here's what that might look like

The blizzard forecasts for New England are pretty dire and seem to keep trending a bit worse -- 1 feet, 2 feet, now 3 feet of snow in some places with wind gusts of 55-75 mph.

That kind of storm is well beyond anything the Puget Sound area has experienced in decades, and depending on how this New England blizzard plays out, could have ranked as worst all time around Seattle had it struck here, or at least put January 1950 (20" in Seattle) and February 1916 (21.5") to the test.

So I think it's safe to say a 24-30 inch forecast of snow would be a bit hard to fathom for the locals who have never lived in a place that's had severe blizzards before.

A somewhat similar storm -- not quite as windy, but plenty of snow -- struck the Washington D.C. area in 2010 and someone had the creative idea to have a time lapse camera running during the event, which ended up with 36" snow drifts.

This is probably what much of New England is in for Friday night, with perhaps greater drifts with the stronger winds:

And if you're curious how Seattle's great winter storms stack up, check out