2 weeks of snow makes up entire snowpack deficit

A very snowy scene at Paradise Ranger Station (Photo courtesy: National Parks Web camera)

What a rally.

Sitting at the first week of February, our mountain snowpack was running just 50-60 percent of normal. With just essentially 8 or so weeks left in the mountain snow season, it was akin to being down 4 runs in the 9th inning as far as hopes of getting our snowpack up to normal to provide us with our summer water.

But to borrow from the great late Dave Niehaus: Break out the rye bread and mustard, grandma, because we've essentially hit a grand salami.

Washington has gone on a remarkable run with a series of heavy mountain snows over the past two weeks -- well over 6 to 7 feet in some spots -- to bring our mountain snowpack to normal.

Latest data from the mountains show snowpack levels at 97-98 percent of normal in the central and north Cascades -- and 103 percent of normal in the southern Cascades! Yes, even a little ahead of normal!

Here is how the snowpack has shaped up since Jan. 1:

Barring a super warm late winter and spring, we should be well set up for summer now. Whew!