19 days of rain wipes out Seattle's dry stretch deficits

What a difference three weeks can make.

After going through the driest August-September on record, and then even carrying it over into early October, this month is set to wipe out all the rainfall deficits we had built.

Consider where we were at the start of the dry stretch in early August. Here is how it's played out since:

So that whole driest 80 days on record? It won't even be noticed in the record books when all is said and done. Seattle is still nearly 8 inches ahead for the year even with those two months tied behind our back.

It's proof that if we were going to go 80 days without much rain, this was the perfect time within the perfect year to do so without any lingering effects. And as long as the rainy season arrived on schedule -- which it did, more or less -- it was guilt-free sunshine!

Speaking of tying data behind our back, even with the first 11 days of the month dry, October was at 6.71" of rain for the month, which is good for a tie for 5th wettest on record at Sea-Tac.