156" of snow, 115 mph winds, -10 wind chill. It's real for one spot

USGS Photograph taken by Lyn Topinka

If you were looking for the one spot in the Lower 48 that might qualify as the absolute worst place to be Thursday night, Mt. Shasta might be the winner.... or loser, as the case may be.

As a major storm bears down on Northern California, the mountain's top is about to be battered with about the absolute worst Mother Nature has to offer.

Through Saturday, the forecast is for winds of 75-95 mph gusting to 115 mph with unbelievable amounts of snowfall. The forecast for Thursday night alone was for 36-42 inches of new snow.

In fact, add up the forecasted snow totals from Thursday afternoon through Sunday and you come up with about 156 inches -- or 13 FEET!

Oh, and temperatures will be in the teens with wind chills around -10.

Granted, that's several thousand feet up atop the mountain. But let's hope no climbers decided late November was the time to attempt a summit.

Here is the entire forecast for Mt. Shasta, courtesy of the National Weather Service: