-460 in Montana? Nice to see our weather system's not the only one that trips up

Fresh off the sunshine error that left some sunshine icons blank on our web forecast graphic, it seems the University of Washington's Probcast weather computer was having some difficulties in the sunshine as well.

While poking around its suggestions for how warm it'll be this weekend, I was surprised to find it was going 89 for Sea-Tac on Saturday -- way warmer than any other forecasts out there.

But then checking some other cities, it became obvious the system had ingested some bad data for Saturday's forecast because the further north you went, the warmer the forecast became.

Here is the University District:

And here is Mukilteo

And not to be outdone, here is Port Townsend!

Those numbers would obliterate all-time record highs in those typically cooler towns.

But if fake 100 degrees is too hot just to even look at, just head over to Montana. Check out Great Falls' "forecast"

Note the 10% chance of nearly 40" of precipitation (33 feet of snow!) -- which is actually impossible since -460 is "absolute zero" -- as cold as anything can possibly get. Although I hear most Montana residents would likely just add a scarf for temperatures that cold.

Probcast is actually quite a useful tool (when the data isn't obviously in error) using super high-resolution model data to compute a forecast. (Their Friday forecasts seems fine, for example) They're looking in to the Saturday issue.

Thursday evening update:

All is fixed now -- highs in Great Falls back to the more human-like 80s.