It's official: 73 percent of Seattleites DONE with this 90 degree heat

June 27, 2015. Seattle, Wash. KOMO PHOTOS

It doesn't matter if it's a "dry heat" or that it might be even 15 degrees hotter somewhere else, as Seattle swelters to its record-tying fifth day in a row at 90 degrees or warmer on Sunday, a vast majority of Seattleites say they've had enough.

Seattle has been in the midst of a nearly year-and-a-half long warm spell, but it's been taken to the next level of late, with not only the hottest June on record by far but now July has started and we have yet to have a day under 90 degrees. The 92 degree reading Saturday was the hottest Independence Day on record here, and that includes 124 years of records. It's been 11 days since we've failed to reach 80 degrees, well on our way to a record there too.

Seattle's average high temperatures in the summer are in the mid-upper 70s and while days in the 80s and 90s do happen in summer, they are usually a few days here and there followed by more days in the 70s -- enough to where most don't need air conditioning. The result is that a vast majority of the region is not only sweating through the day, but sweating through the warm nights with little relief from any fans and nighttime breezes. It's the reality-show version of "Sleepless in Seattle."

Thus, many long time locals aren't comfortable when the temperature goes over 85, and while sunshine is great for a few days and summers are typically dry, we're starting to miss our regular rain too. Seattle might be the butt of national jokes when it comes to incessant rain, but many of us here treat the clouds and rain either as a badge of honor or security blanket (or both) and when it goes away, well, we miss our blankey. Yes, we're a bit quirky that way. Deal with it, America.

I've always surmised the clouds and rain fans have been a silent majority around here, so I decided to use a deeply scientific polling process - posing a question on KOMO's Facebook page -- to ask if you were loving the hot weather (Woo-hoo?) or had "Enough!". Sure, it won't change anything, but I felt people need a venting board because chances are your water cooler at work is super crowded these days with people trying to cool off. And maybe Mother Nature had liked our Facebook page? (We do feature her artwork quite often...)

Not surprisingly to me as a long-time Seattleite, the replies declared, in a word, "ENOUGH!"

There were 675 replies to the question as of Sunday morning, and of the 504 people who gave a definitive answer, an overwhelming majority -- 370, or 73 percent -- said they're done and bring back the rain, or at least some cooler temperatures, compared to 134 who want more sun and heat, please. (And there was one person upset about Hillary Clinton's stance on health care.)

Some of the more "liked" responses:

"ENOUGH. If I wanted California weather I'd move there. Give me back my sunny 75 and nights in the 50s." -- Erik R.
"Give me a rainy day with 68 degrees. Please!" -- J.J. B.
"Totally enough. As a Seattle native, I'll take 65 and overcast any day of the week." -- Sheila D.
"I prefer the 60s and rain, born and raised here" -- Patti M.
"Enough! I was on the East Coast for many years and was dragged kicking and screaming to Washington but give me those overcast rainy days that have grown on me :)" -- Rachel S.
And my favorite:
" 'Enough' already happened weeks ago." -- Breanna S.

On the other side:
"Am I the only one in Seattle that's totally loving this right now? Lol." -- Kris W.
"Loving it, it's actually summer instead of barely spring." -- Christine M.
And we even found a native who's a sun fan:
"Being a Seattle (West Seattle) native also I say this is nice. We just don't get this kind of weather that often. I am sure our gray skies will return then folks will complain again. We have water everywhere so take advantage of it!!!" -- Joseph F.

Now as you might imagine, there were recurring themes to some of the answers -- many actually relating to the question at hand, which is quite a feat on Facebook.

There were 18 people that gave some sort of: "I moved here to escape this kind of weather," answer and 13 people responded along the lines of: "If I wanted (California, Arizona, Eastern Washington) weather, I would have moved there."

One simply said: "I want SNOW."

On the other hand, there were many in the 134 who replied "Woo-hoo!" responding to the other 370 with the common rebuttal theme of: "It's way worse here in (insert Desert Southwest state, southeastern state, Missouri, Texas, or Eastern Washington), quit your whining and toughen up Seattle."

To which there was surprisingly only one reply -- which personally I think is the most effective one -- "Give up your air conditioning and then come back to us." But otherwise, yes, most of us are heat wimps. Every region has their own climate that you adapt to. The person poking fun at us from Florida is the same person who freaks out when the low drops below 60. The New Yorker who says try 85 with 80 percent humidity would probably freak out if it rained for seven days straight.

The current heat wave is expected to last into Thursday before we cool a bit to the 80s -- but still no upper 60s and/or rainy days out there. Maybe I should come back in a week and "take the temperature" of the region again. By then, might it be more than 73 percent?

You can join the conversation on our Facebook page entry.