Spring Cleaning

(KUTV) Just in time for spring cleaning - keep your home (and life!) clutter-free with these helpful tips from the founder of, Jana Francis:
1. Make it a Daily Ritual: Chore Chart & Menus ( to how you can’t lose weight all at once, look at daily organizing like your exercise regimen. Turn on some music or a guilty pleasure TV show you don’t have to focus on and tackle one space at a time. It only takes a few minutes out of your daily routine to keep the clutter under control – you’ll be surprised at what you can get done each day.

2. Take It One Step at a Time: DrawerDecor Drawer Organization ({ }It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re on a mission to de-clutter your home, but don’t try to do it all at once — work one small space at a time. Pick a room and start with a shelf. Keep going every day until the closet is done. And then the desk/nightstand/dresser. Tackle it in small phases.

3. Make a Space for Everything: Creative Scents Organizer Bins (’s easy to clear off your desk, but if you’re piling everything that was on the top inside the drawer, your de-cluttering is only surface-deep. Make use of storage bins, drawer dividers, and over-the-door organizers so everything has a compartment and doesn’t pile up inside drawers or closets.

4. Out With the Old, in With the New:Make a rule for yourself — for every item that comes into your home, one has to go (or two, or three!). Designate a box in a space that’s out of the way that you put everything in you’ve decided to get rid of. Just remember, once it goes in the box, no taking it out. At the end of the month, make one more sweep, add anything else you don’t need or use anymore, and donate the box.

5. Designate Space for Every Item: Gear Pocket Organizers ({ }When you’re in a rush, it’s easy for messes to happen and not get cleaned up right away. But once one mess is around, it’s easy to build on that. Nip clutter in the bud even when you’re rushing around by designating space for things that need to get put away. Whether you have bins or a cupboard with empty shelves, keep the little messes out of sight so you don’t feel tempted to let it get out of hand.{ }

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