MLS commissioner: Quit with the vulgar chants

NEW YORK -- MLS commissioner Don Garber says fans need to stop with the vulgar chants at MLS games.

In an interview with SportingNews, Garber says he was dismayed while attending a recent match in New York when fans began the increasingly popular, but vulgar chant: "You suck, a------" when the opposing goalkeeper takes a goal kick.

"That is just infuriating to me. It's just so uncreative and ridiculous, and we need to stop it," Garber said in the interview. "Our broadcast partners don't like it. When vulgarity is going over the air, it's an issue with the FCC and we've got to stop it."

The chant has been heard at several stadiums around the league, including Seattle.

"They need to stop it in New York, and they need to stop it in a handful of other markets," Garber said. "And if they don't stop it, we're going to have to find a way to eradicate it from our game."

He said the league can't have young kids in stadiums listening to vulgarity.

"No other league would tolerate it. No other public event would have it and we can't tolerate it in Major League Soccer."

Sounders ownership told KOMO Radio they agreed the chant needs to end.