Many Sounders fans frustrated with security snafu

SEATTLE-- Many Sounders fans were upset by delays caused by team's new security protocol at CenturyLink Field Wednesday night.

Handheld security wands used to detect metal were used to scan Sounders fans prior to the start of Wednesday night's game against D.C. United, which caused many fans to miss the start of the game.

Lengthy lines wound around the stadium and delayed many fans. There were more empty seats than usual during the early part of the first half throughout the stadium because of the extra layer of security.

"We apologize for any inconvenience and delays in entering the stadium for tonight's match. We did not have adequate points of entry for wanding. We completely understand your frustration
Fan safety remains our highest priority and we promise to get this right. Thank you for your patience," a statement on the Sounders Web site from the Sounders FC public relations staff said.

Fans who commented on the Sounders Web site questioned the delays, the need for the extra security and complained that Sounders management wasted their time.

"I understand this is a "first world" problem. But c'mon, your best efforts at improving security is to negatively impact the fan's experience? And if that wasn't your best effort, why not? Is that not what the customer deserves? Don't you run stadium events for a living? Pathetic!!!," said one fan, who posted as Mike Valeri.

Some fans went as far as wanting refunds.

Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer was quoted in a article as saying right after the game: "I'm not sure I'm quite to the point where I can tell what went wrong...I think we probably need to start collecting some information first, before we make huge statments about it. If it was a problem, which it appears it was, we're going to fix it."

The Seahawks used similar security procedures during the 2012 season for home games.

The Sounders prevailed 2-0 over the visitors. Obafemi Martins scored in 19th minute and in the game's final minute during stoppage time.

Seattle's next game is July 20 against the Colorado Rapids.