Twitter takes a revealing peek at our well-behaved city with #HowSeattleRiots

      SEATTLE -- In the moments after Seahawks fans around Seattle began celebrating the big Super Bowl win, it became quickly apparent this was not going to be your normal celebration. It was jubilation, Seattle style.

      The #HowSeattleRiots hilarious hashtag run on Twitter may not have started with this video, but the video of Ballard "rioters" waiting for the crosswalk signal certainly captures the spirit of that long list of quips about Seattle's character.

      ( oh, and to the detractors: Yes, WTO was an exceptional riot but that was, like, last century!)

      On to the Tweets

      Not sure if this is the first one, but it was 20 hours ago and was as far back as my Twitter app would scroll.

      Flip over compost bins. #HowSeattleRiots

      Mike Baker (@MikeBakerAP) February 3, 2014

      Another early one

      Too polite to honk the horn in mine. Just flashing parking lights. RT @MikeBakerAP The Priuses are honking. #HowSeattleRiots.

      Essex J. Porter (@EssexKIRO7) February 3, 2014

      And, since we're a legal weed state:

      You're damn right I'll bogart that joint. #HowSeattleRiots P.S. #EsuranceSave30

      Dave Shaw (@TheRealDaveShaw) February 3, 2014

      Now some newer ones that caught our attention:

      Taking off all the "contains nuts" and contains gluten" signs off of the appetizers at the Super Bowl party #HowSeattleRiots

      Connerish (@Connerish) February 3, 2014

      Forgets to bring shower sandals to the gym. Showers anyways. #HowSeattleRiots

      Gumby Girl (@kimseystation) February 3, 2014

      Doing something WITHOUT 1st forming a task force to study ways to build consensus among stakeholders #HowSeattleRiots

      Jessica Singleton (@seattle_jess) February 3, 2014

      Place a milk jug in the recycling bin without properly rinsing it out. #HowSeattleRiots

      Geraldine (@everywhereist) February 3, 2014

      Saying "let's hang out" and then actually hanging out. #HowSeattleRiots

      Adrian Pike (@adrianpike) February 3, 2014

      Tagging cars with water soluble, non-toxic, removable spray paint #HowSeattleRiots

      Sol to Seed Farm (@soltoseedfarm) February 3, 2014

      "Oh pardon me, were you planning to riot here?" "You can go ahead." "You sure?" "Yeah. No worries." "Thanks! Namaste." #howseattleriots

      Tae Phoenix (@TaePhoenix) February 3, 2014

      Rushing home early bc it's getting cold and there might be ICE on the roads. #HowSeattleRiots #YesImMakingFunOfMsyelfInTheseTweets

      Laura (@CatLadyLC) February 3, 2014


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