Truck stolen from Seahawks lineman apparently recovered in Renton

King County Sheriff's Deputies investigate the discovery of a truck reported stolen by Seattle Seahawks center Joey Hunt. (Photo: Bob Meyer)

RENTON, Wash. -- A truck stolen from Seattle Seahawks center Joey Hunt has been apparently recovered in Renton.

Hunt said he had briefly parked in his garage Sunday evening with the key still inside just to drop some items inside, according to the police report filed to Renton Police. But moments later, he heard tires squeal and went outside to see his truck missing and being driven down the street.

Hunt went to Twitter to ask his followers if anyone sees the truck, to call him or police.

On Tuesday, a former KOMO employee who also lives in Renton noticed the truck sitting across from his home. The description and license plate match those of the stolen truck report, and King County deputies have been at the scene.

There is no word of any arrests or suspect description, only that the thief had left a pair of gray shoes in Hunt's garage during the theft.

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