Tiny Seahawks fan has encyclopedic knowledge of the team

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Kalee Buetow is not the biggest or loudest Seahawks fan in the world, but it's not a stretch to say she's the most adorable fan of them all.

Even the casual fan knows the basics about the Seahawks, but 3-year-old Kalee goes miles beyond the basics.

Quizzed by her father, Kalee happily rattles off the names and positions of nearly every player on the roster.

"Who's the quarterback?" her dad asks.

"Russell Wilson," she replies without missing a beat.

"Ok, who's the running back," her dad asks.

"Marshawn Lynch," Kalee says. "Beast mode."

The little girl will tell you that the team's head coach is Pete Carroll and the safety is Earl Thomas. In fact, she's a fan of the entire Legion of Boom.

"She just sort of randomly started picking up on some names and would just be randomly talking about them as she was playing, and it was like, 'How did you remember that, you know?'" said her dad, Evan Beutow.

Kalee can name the entire receiving corps, even little-used players like Jermaine Kearse. Some dad's read stories before bed, but Evan reads rosters, adding one new player every night.

"Who's the strong safety?" Evan asks.

"Kam Chancellor," Kalee says.

Even die hard fans would be hard pressed to name members of the offensive line, but Kalee will gladly tell you that the team's center is Max Unger.

"She just kept asking to learn more, and then it snowballed from there with basically the whole team and some of the backup players and the coaches," Evan said.

And it's not just players, either. She knows the team's offensive line coordinator is Tom Cable, and she'll tell you the names and numbers of backup players.

Asked why she likes the Seahawks so much, Kalee says, "Because I love them," before adding a hearty, "Go Hawks."

Evan said Kalee only likes to talk about two things before bedtime: the Seattle Seahawks and Jesus.