Seahawks superstitions: Underwear, lucky TVs or a tall Chianti

SEATTLE - Fans scream a lot for their Seahawks.

They also believe what they say, do or wear can sway the outcome of a game.

We randomly questioned some Hawks fans to find out what game superstitions they have and boy did we get an earful.

Rick said, "Um, I wear underwear, Seahawks underwear and socks. I paint up my fingernails, and that's the reason I'm down here at the store, to buy the right colors."

Thomas and Ethan, who always watch games with a third friend, explained, "One of us has to not be actively paying attention during the game, otherwise bad things happen. If there's a big play, we just watch the replay."

Paul Porcaro said, "Don't shave on game day."

People who believe in superstitions are serious about it.

Ryan Hoxie rattled a host of superstitions and rituals he goes through on game day.

"My sister gets exiled to the kitchen. I don't watch the first half seems kind of weird. And I wear my Sounders hat, and that seems to help," he said.

Ben Stewart said he gave up on the clothing rituals and explained, "Since we drafted 'Danger Russ,' there are no more superstitions. You wear the gear, and you have fun."

But he still sticks to a ritual when the score is turned around.

Stewart said, "If the game's not going well, and I'm watching it on TV, then I go to another room and I turn a different TV on."

Hopefully Stewart doesn't have to rotate at all between the six TVs at his house during Sunday's game.

And let's hope Bob Porcaro's bar is already stocked for the party he's hosting.

Porcaro said, "My biggest thing is to drink a really big Chianti."

And does he have a hex to go against an opponent?

Porcaro said, "Well I do have one, and it kind of goes along with the Chianti - that's the horse head in the bed."

Shelby Peacock and Kristal Ovenell always watch games together. They used to go to Kristal's house, but then the Hawks lost, so now they only gather at Shelby's house.

"And if the games are not going well we all rotate seats," they said.

And if they ever invite someone new to come over and the Hawks lose, that person's not invited back.

Whatever works, stick to it on Sunday!