Seahawks fans cheer the team to victory from home turf

SEATTLE - Some 2,700 miles west of Washington, D.C.'s FedEx Field, the 12th man rallied the Seahawks to a victory from packed homes and bars across Western Washington.

And Sunday's first victorious road game in nearly 30 years brought a lot of pride to the hometown fans, including those watching the game from FX McRory's in Seattle.

"You got to be with the 12th man be with your fellow 12s - it just makes it that much more exciting, especially especially if something good happens - or bad," says Seahawks fan Matt Larocca.

As the beloved 'Hawks prepared to face the Redskins thousands of miles away, many fans here at home got an early start to emsure camaradarie.

Says fan Erik Pfanschmidt: "We were hoping to get first crack at good seats."

And that they did. Business was bustling at Buckley's in Belltown early Sunday morning.

At FX McRory's during the first quarter, fans focused on the Seahawks as they fought to catch the Redskins.

"It's exciting - it should be a little louder in here I think," said fan Michael Bourdukofshy.

No problem - just leave that to fan Leslie Baldwin.

"Twelfth man - they can't hear us in Washington, D.C.," she boomed.

By the third quarter, the Seahawks heard - as they played on to promising victory.

"I love the Seahawks - they're wonderful, yeah," says Jeanmarie Jordan.

But for now . "A great victory," opined fan Erik Pfanschmidt.

The Seahawks will continue to play on for the top spot.

"Super Bowl - we're going," says fan Leslie Baldwin.

And since the Seahawks' big win, staff at FX McRory's has raised the Falcon banner as the Seahawks advance on in the playoffs.