Richard Sherman calls ESPN story about him 'bunch of nonsense'

Richard Sherman (Photo credit KOMO News/AP).

Richard Sherman is the focus of an article published on Thursday that details a rift between Sherman and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, as well an overall disdain for the coach's coddling of quarterback Russell Wilson on the part of the Seattle defense.

The article, written by Seth Wickersham, cites unnamed Seattle players, staffers (past and present) and former assistant coach Sherman Smith and suggests the three-time All-Pro cornerback is still dealing with emotions from the team's loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.

Wickersham writes that Wilson's interception at the 1-yard line is a play Sherman "can't forget" and describes the ulra-competitive defensive back as a player "famous in the building both for being a teammate you can go to with any personal problem and for pointing fingers."

Sherman on SiriusXM radio Thursday morning called the piece "a bunch of nonsense from 'anonymous' sources. Can never put much gravity of things like that."

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett expressed his frustration with the article as well, tweeting the network's official twitter handle to call the piece "trash" and saying it "should be on TMZ it's all gossip. I'm surprised this came from you."

Bennett also tweeted that he loves Wilson, calling the franchise QB a "great teammate (and) friend and even better human. I was at his house last week and he gave me BBQ ribs."

Sherman was of course the subject of trade rumors this offseason, following a season highlighted by the 29-year-old's multiple outbursts directed as his teammates and coaches. Carroll said earlier this month that there's a "zero percent" chance Seattle trades Sherman at this point, citing the April draft as an unofficial deadline.

Carroll said despite how public the team was about shopping Sherman, his relationship with the four-time Pro Bowler is "as good as it's ever been" and there is no animosity on either side, after several post-season conversations about their tumultuous 2016 season.

Defensive coordinator Kris Richard said Sherman is ready to get back to the "old Richard Sherman" and that his relationship with Sherman is "great and always will be great." Richard also said Sherman has "a brand new, fantastic attitude" entering this season. is a KOMO News partner. You can read this story at here.

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