Report: Marshawn Lynch may skip media day, risk fine

Star Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was not one of the 17 Seattle players or coaches assigned to podiums for media day on Tuesday.

That's not surprising considering Lynch's reluctance for media attention.

Getting Lynch to speak with the media this season has been as difficult as trying to tackle him. He was originally fined $50,000 by the league after the end of the regular season for not speaking to the media.

The fine was appealed and put on hold as long as Lynch complied with league policy during the playoffs.

But Super Bowl media day is an entirely different environment than the few times Lynch has made himself available in front of his locker at the Seahawks' team facility.

In a rare interview with writer Michael Silver, Lynch said he's still deciding whether to show up for the mandatory team-interview session, even at the risk of incurring fines that could exceed $100,000.

"And I'm not as comfortable, especially at the position I play, making it about me. As a running back, it takes five offensive linemen, a tight end, a fullback and possibly two wide receivers, in order to make my job successful. But when I do interviews, most of the time it'll come back to me. There are only so many times I can say, 'I owe it to my offensive linemen,' or, 'The credit should go to my teammates,' before it becomes run down," Lynch told Silver.

Asked how Lynch would handle the media situation, Seattle fullback Michael Robinson chuckled.

"I think I'll probably be there with him," he said.