Pumped-up Seahawks fans spend big before playoff game

SEATTLE - It's the talk of the town - Seahawks fans are pumped and anxious for Sunday's playoff game against the Washington Redskins.

Fans from across the area are flocking to the team store while downtown Seattle businesses are getting ready to be slammed on game day.

And die-hard Seahawks fans won't settle for just any old gear during the playoffs.

"I am beyond excited," says fan Jared Hannam. "You can only have one game at a time. There's a Super Bowl around the corner and the NFC around the corner."

Many of these Seahawks fans traveled to Seattle for their gear.

"It's been awesome. It's been so positive and so encouraging to see how well they do and are doing this year," says one fan. "Got a Seahawks hat, T-shirt and still looking for socks."

There are socks aplenty at the Seattle team shop - but you won't find any Russell Wilson jerseys. Those sold out during the regular season..

"Everybody wants Russell Wilson everything. Everybody wants the blue and grey - they're completely gone," says Seahawks fan Jennifer Hayes.

The other popular item here is the Nike KO sweatshirt - it's the same one head coach Pete Carroll wears.

"It's just nice to see we have really strong fans everybody is excited about the playoffs," says store manager Jennifer Hayes.

At Buckley's in Belltown every seat in the house is expected to be full by 9:30 Sunday morning - that's four hours before kickoff.

"The bandwagon has definitely started," adds Peter Jaeger, Buckley's manager. "Sundays are great. The Seahawks are awesome for business."

In the meantime, fans are busy preparing for game day - whether it's getting party supplies or last-minute gear.

"I took the ferry from Bremerton and I probably got stopped by 30 or 40 people screaming all day long," says one fan. "Got the flag on top of the Needle. Everybody's ready."

The president of the Seahawks Boosters Club says it's business as usual on Saturday - most people are just taking it easy at home and waiting until tomorrow's big game.