Mike Ferreri: Will Seahawks win the Super Bowl?

It was a common question directed my way during holiday get-togethers and in phone conversations with friends and family the past few days: Are the Seahawks going to win the Super Bowl?

That's a loaded question if I ever heard one. No one knows. If you're predicting a Super Bowl winner now, before the 12-team field for the playoffs is even decided, then you really must have a crystal football.

There is so much parity in the NFL today only a fool would venture out on to the slippery slope to try and predict a Super Bowl winner right now.

Once Sunday night rolls around we'll finally know the 12 teams that will have a chance of playing in the Super Bowl in February and every team in the playoffs will have just that - a chance.

Crazy things happen in the NFL playoffs. The top seeds don't always have the best luck, and sometimes the low seeds get hot and start rolling all the way to a Super Bowl win. Case in point: the 2010 playoffs. The Packers were a 6 seed, they caught fire and went all the way to the Super Bowl where they beat a Steelers team that was a 2 seed in the AFC.

In 2005, it was another case of a low seed rolling to a Super Bowl victory - one Seattle fans remember too well, as a 6th-seeded Pittsburgh Steelers team took their fans and those terrible towels all the way to Detroit and beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. The Seahawks that year, a No. 1 seed. More proof, the playoffs are all about who's hot for a good stretch in the postseason not always who had the "best" season.

Now to the Seahawks. They've been exposed. Dropping two of their last three games to divisional foes San Francisco and Arizona, those two teams have now manufactured a blueprint on how to stall the Seahawks offense. The Seahawks need to adjust and they will. They know other teams will be studying the films of the 49ers and Cardinals game and how they respond will determine how far they go in the playoffs.

This weekend's game could be the start to a good roll in the postseason for the Seahawks. It has to be treated like a playoff game. They're fighting the Rams with the NFC Western Division Title on the line, along with a No. 1 seed and home field advantage, so there is more than plenty to play for this week.

Best-case scenario. The Seahawks beat the Rams, they get a bye week to heal up and make even more adjustments to their offense, knowing other teams will try to attack them in the same manner San Francisco and Arizona attacked and won.

The Seahawks could very well be getting ready to face San Francisco at home in the divisional round depending on how things shake out. If they don't have to travel and can stay home for two playoff games with the help of the 12th Man, the odds are no doubt in their favor.

Worst-case scenario. The Seahawks lose, the 49ers win. San Francsico could end up with the NFC West crown and home field advantage, the Seahawks drop down to a 5 seed and likely have to play every postseason game on the road.

The initial response to that has to be a gut-wrenching thought for Seahawks fans - but remember, 6 seeds have won Super Bowls. It's not a matter of being the highest seed, rather it's which team is the hottest. But you have to admit, the thought of two home games for the Seahawks is pretty comforting. I would never argue against the value of a home game for a team in the playoffs, especially in Seattle.

On Sunday night 12 teams will punch their tickets to the postseason - who will end up getting a trip to New Jersey for the grandest of all contest, nobody really knows. That's why it's called the playoffs.