Mike Ferreri: The Seahawks, Cardinals and the power of 12

In December of 2005 Brock Huard and I stood out in the snow at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia interviewing former Seahawks defensive tackle Marcus Tubbs for a show we used to do after Monday Night Football on KOMO4. The Seahawks had just shut out the Philadelphia Eagles and had emerged as the the top team in the NFC.

At that point, with our feet freezing and our bodies beginning to shiver, it really began to sink in, that Seahawks team we were there covering was special and if they kept playing as well they were playing, they would have a chance to go to the Super Bowl. We all know how that season turned out.

The score of that 2005 game in the snow in Philly was 42-0, and that was the last shutout the Seahawks had until this past weekend against the Giants.

On the heels of that masterful game in New York on Sunday, that same feeling around the Seahawks has returned. This year's team is "special" - they have depth at every position, their locker room chemistry is unbelievable, they have the most dynamic coach in the NFL ... and you get the sense they control their own destiny. Of course destiny in the NFL playoffs is on a week-by-week basis.

At 12-2 the Seahawks are the dominant team in the NFC but they still haven't won anything. Pete Carroll has continued to tell his players they haven't done anything - yet. A win Sunday over the Cardinals and that will change. A win at home and they clinch the NFC West, grab the No. 1 seed and lock up home field advantage for the playoffs.

The No. 1 seed in the playoffs hasn't always paid off. Since 2000, only 2 No. 1 seeds have won the Super Bowl - the 2009 Saints and the 2003 Patriots.

But this team is special and they really don't pay attention to stats or records or anything that might slow them down - they won a franchise record six road games this season with a majority of them starting at 10 a.m. Early East Coast games used to be a problem for the Seahawks franchise, but this team - they don't care ... they go, they play and they win.

Along with their physical play, teamwork and coaching the Seahawks have something that has been critical to their success. A supreme home field advantage.

CenturyLink has become a terror trap for teams. The 12th Man may have even broken the Saints, who have looked dreadful at times since they came to town for Monday Night Football on Dec. 2. Since 2005, there have been 121 opponent false start penalties at CenturyLink - that leads the NFL, and it's an intimidating number for any visiting team.

Now more than ever the power of 12 will be needed Sunday as the Seahawks have a chance to realize a handful of their goals, along with their devoted fans, with a home win over the Cardinals. It's there for the taking and where better to celebrate an NFC West clinching win that at home in Seattle.

Go 1-0 this week and the 12th Man will be terrorizing opponents well into January in what is becoming a special season for the Seahawks.