Mike Ferreri: Big game, same approach

RENTON, Wash. - It's the giant green and blue elephant in every room at the Seahawks practice facility in Renton.

It has hashtags painted all over it: #NFCWestChamps #HomeField #1NFCSeed, but not even the social media savvy Seahawks like Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman are about to engage in that conversation on Twitter or in person.

The Seahawks have the chance to pull off a Centurylink field trifecta Sunday; They can clinch the NFC West, and earn a #1 seed and home field advantage in the NFC with a win over the Cardinals.

They know a handful of their goals can be accomplished on one cold, damp, December Sunday in Seattle, but they're not about to give this weeks game anymore of a distinction than the previous 14.

"Every week is a Championship week and this is another Championship game," said Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. " Obviously it's a big one for us, this is the game we got to face. They're a good team at 9-5, they're rolling right now, and it's going to be a good game for us."

Every week, this team has stayed even keeled, focused on the foe and the moment, and that approach has worked.

Russell Wilson spends hours upon hours in the film room, studying opponents and trying to get better. His head isn't buried in the sand as he gets ready to face the Cardinals, he knows what can be accomplished Sunday.

"I think our focus is obviously on winning this football game like every game preparing the right way. Every game like we have been talking about all year is a Championship offseason, Championship opportunity, Championship day... that's why we're 12-2 right now," said Wilson.

But before he could start to verbalize his excitement of what can take place Sunday, Wilson returned to his safety phrases, the Russellism's that sound good regardless of how many times he says them, "It doesn't change for us, nothing changes, the field is still 100 yards, still 53 1/3 wide and luckily we're playing at home."

Pete Carroll has not only fostered a competitive environment that has translated into wins and dominance on the field, but he has all the Seahawks on the same page in how they approach their job. Regardless of which Seahawks player was asked, the message has been consistent throughout this week: Sunday is a Championship opportunity.

There has been no wavering in their approach. Earl Thomas directs the defense on the field, they're surely following his lead off it.

"Every game this year we have taken as a Championship opportunity, " said Thomas, "so when games like this come around we'll be ready for it. It's just normal."

Winning has become the norm for this team, that's why they have confidence in approaching games the same exact way week after week regardless of opponent or circumstance.

What the Seahawks won't come out and say is this game is huge, and it insures the road to the Super Bowl goes through Seattle where home field dominance is ridiculously good.

Fighting back a smile, Russell Wilson cautiously acknowledged on Thursday that great things are around the corner depending on the outcome of this game.

"If we do win, obviously there's a lot of great things that happen after that, you don't really focus on that, you focus on the moment, prepare for the day first, then get to Sunday and play a great football game," he said.

Anyway you look at it this game, it's big, and bigger than a blue and green elephant standing in the middle of the Seahawks practice field. The Seahawks know it, we all do.