Meet the Seahawks new 'Beast Burger'

Everyone steps it up for the playoffs, that includes the chefs at Century Link Field. Executive Chef Seis Kamimura came up with a new monster burger that's new just for the post season. It's named 'The Beast', in homage to Beast Mode himself, Marshawn Lynch.

Here is the lineup: First, a bun slathered with aioli, then lettuce, onion, tomato, onion rings, ham, bacon, and finally two patties covered in cheese.

The platter also comes with a pile of fries and of course, a side of Skittles.

The Beast Burger will be available in four locations. The Gridiron Grills on the main level and the upper level, as well as both 12th Man Grills on the club level.

The burger is estimated to contain 1700 calories, and it'll set you back $15, but who's counting.