Bill proposes Sounders, Seahawks license plates

SEATTLE (AP) - There could be a license plate for the 12th Man soon.

Lawmakers have introduced a bill creating a specialty plate for the Seahawks and the Sounders. The plates would cost $40 with a $30 renewal fee thereafter.

The bill says proceeds of the plate's purchase will benefit three non-profit organizations after the teams are reimbursed for any costs incurred in creating the specialty plate.

The bill is being sponsored by the Democrat and Republican chairs of the senate's transportation committee at the behest of Lt. Gov. Brad Owen. The soccer club and the football team recently approached Owen with the idea.

The Lieutenant Governor's office said Friday the license plates would be available starting in January 2014 if the bill passes.

Two of the organizations - InvestED and Washington State Mentors - focus on helping students with school supplies and mentoring. The third, the Association of Washington Generals, fosters tourism and trade.
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