Fans' Seahawks rap a local sensation

SEATTLE -- A Seahawks anthem written and performed by two talented fans has now gone viral.

Eric Chaffer and LaVell Walton knew they had something when :"Better (A Seahawk Anthem)" hit social media.

"We did a video and it went viral in a matter of hours," says Walton.

Walton and Chaffer are known professionally as Eric Keith and Velvett. Walton says "Better" came together quickly for the two longtime friends and collaborators.

"It's just a vision my guy Eric Keith came up with," Walton says. "He hit me up on the phone, just like 'hey Velvett, will you write something with me?' We put that thing together and next thing you know we did a music video, recorded the song, thousands of people were listening to the song, downloaded it."

Vellvett says "Better (A Seahawk Anthem)" has been viewed 20,000 times on YouTube.