Fans rejoice: 'I need a new outfit for the Super Bowl'

SEATTLE -- Seahawks fans are turning rabid with the win over the San Francisco 49ers, and now are focused on seeing their team take home the Vince Lombardi trophy.

The streets got swamped in Seattle's Pioneer Square, where people streamed out of CenturyLink Stadium, and spilled out of the neighborhood's many bars. They also have a new chant, and the words "Super Bowl" are on all of their lips.

"I need a new outfit for the Super Bowl," joked Colie Cassidy, who caught the game in one of Pioneer Square's drinking establishments.

She was among the tens of thousands of people who cheered on the street the moment quarterback Russell Wilson took a knee to wind down the final seconds on the game clock. Longtime fan Mario Perez offered his instant analysis.

"We had a few mistakes but we (accounted) for them," Perez said. "Overall we did a great job. Our defense stuck it to them. We smashed them. And we came out with the win."

Fans were tense throughout the game as the Seahawks trailed the 49ers, but they never lost faith.

"I've seen a couple of flukey calls, I'm not going to lie," said Eddie Jones of Tacoma. "But Russell got it. We're only down by four, only down by a couple. It's what we're built for."

Now the 'Hawks can show their stuff at MetLife Stadium, taking on the Denver Broncos with America looking on.

Governor Jay Inslee got swept up in the celebration too. He says this championship trip will show the nation just how much Washington State has to offer.

"When I go back East, they still think we're driving covered wagons out here," Governor Inslee said. "So when they see our business opportunities, the culture, the team - it means a lot. But it mostly means a really good time for the state of Washington and that's good enough for me."

A quick check on travel packages to see the Super Bowl yielded some eye-popping results. The value deal, which includes a two-night hotel stay and one ticket to the game starts at $3,400. It just goes up from there.