Fans brace for new bag policy at Seahawks game Saturday

SEATTLE -- The Seahawks' upcoming home preseason game Saturday night against the Denver Broncos at will be the fans' first experience with the league's new policy limiting what kind of bags can be brought into stadiums.

No more backpacks, purses, duffel or diaper bags are allowed at Seahawks or any other pro football games. The NFL banned all of those bags as part of a new security policy in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing.

"We're not changing anything that you could previously bring in this year," said CenturyLink Field General Manager Adam Link. "It's just the vessel in which you are bringing it into the stadium in."

You can bring your camera, binoculars or snacks to the game, just make sure your stuff all fits in an approved clear bag.

Some fans are still not happy with the change.

"That's insane," said Stacey Mertes. "That's my stuff. I don't want people to see my tampons and stuff."

But Brenda Walker says she's OK with the policy if it means greater safety.

"You know if a clear bag is the price to pay to not suffer what people suffered in Boston, it's just a bag," she said.

The bags not only have to be clear but also no larger than a foot square and 6 inches wide. The Seahawks will be handing out 75,000 approved bags with the team logo over the first two home games. But even with the clear bag plan, security will still search all bags at the gate, though officials say it will be streamlined.

"I get it and I think it's sad that we have to go there," Mertes said. "I just think it's becoming to be a little more difficult for us."

As a courtesy for those people who show up with an unapproved bag, the Seahawks are offering a bag check for everyone coming to Saturday's game.

One more note: Anyone carrying a bag specific to a medical condition should enter through the west gate. A doctor's note would be helpful, but is not necessary.

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