Donor gives widowed Seahawks fan tickets to Super Bowl

SEATTLE -- Thanks to a gift from an anonymous donor, a local woman with a special connection to the Seahawks will get to watch her team play live in the Super Bowl for free.

Alyssa Magnotti has lost so much, yet to hear her tell it, she's gained so much more.

Her husband succumbed to his two-year battle with appendix cancer a few weeks ago, leaving her to raise their 10-month old daughter on her own.

"I know that he can look down on us and he can see Austyn and he knows how we're doing," Alyssa said.

She was able to capture her husband Nick's final weeks on camera.

"Even though it's continuing treatment, my pain was getting worse. It's an indication that the cancer is spreading faster than the chemo can kill it," Nick said.

Alyssa found peace and comfort in sharing the story and sharing Nick's message as he asked.

"I want people to know that my positive attitude can outlast this and that my faith in God can keep me strong even through hard challenges," she said.

Nick's fight included cheering for the Seahawks, even when he was in incredible pain. Videos of Nick rooting on his team spread, and eventually got a response from the Seahawks.

In a taped birthday message, Nick's favorite player, Russell Wilson, showed his support.

"We'll be right there for you. Hopefully get a win this weekend and the rest of the season. Hopefully we can bring a Super Bowl home for you, Nick," Wilson said.

Nick died two weeks ago.

"Every person's grief is definitely different, and I'm just at the beginning of this journey," Alyssa said.

Her journey is taking an unexpected turn thanks to a stranger. An unknown man left two Super Bowl tickets at Overlake Church, meant for someone deserving. The congregation saw her videos and gave Alyssa a call.

"(They said) 'You just got two tickets to the Super Bowl, and the flight to New York and a hotel paid for.' And I go, 'What?'" Alyssa said.

Alyssa said she's taking a close friend to the game and will yell and cheer for the Hawks just like Nick did.

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