Australian football fans aim to out-roar Seahawks' 12th Man

PORT ADELAIDE, Australia - Fans of an Australian football team have announced they will attempt to outdo Seattle Seahawks fans with a louder crowd roar than the record-setting level set last year by the 12th Man.

The Adelaide Power will face the Essendon Bombers on Saturday night, and the local fans there hope to become the loudest on record, the Australian Football League reports.

The honor of creating the loudest crowd roar is currently held by the Seahawks, whose fans registered a reading of 137.6 decibels in December 2013.

That figure is nearly as loud as a jet engine heard from 30 yards away. A clap of thunder is typically measured at between 100 and 120 decibels.

A local Australian TV station has hired acoustic consultants to test the Adelaide crowd noise throughout the game.

Adelaide Power fans are well-known in Australia for the volume of noise they create during a game.

All home games there end with a siren blaring, and sometimes the crowd is so loud that team members don't hear the siren and keep playing after the clock has run down.