Yo Boomstick! M's unveil creative nicknamed jerseys for special weekend games

Seattle Mariners Photo

SEATTLE -- We all know Felix Hernandez is "King Felix" and long home runs by Nelson Cruz are accompanied by Dave Sims' classic "Boomstick, baby!" call on the radio. But coming later this month, you'll be able to easily know all the Mariners' nicknames.

The three-games over the August 25-27th weekend have been deemed the Inaugural "Player's Weekend" by Major League Baseball which will give players the option to wear their own designed spikes, batting gloves and bats. But the biggest idea is to allow players to wear whatever name or nickname they want on their back of special alternate uniforms, as long as it's appropriate and not a brand name.

Aside from King Felix and Boomstick, you'll find "El Mambo" (Jean Segura) manning shortstop, standing between "Don't You Know" (Robinson Cano) and Kyle Seager, who pay's homage to Dodgers' shortstop (and brother) Corey Seager by donning "Corey's Brother."

Speedster Jarrod Dyson is "Zoombiya" and could be standing next to "El Conde" -- Guillermo Heredia. Or he could be standing next to Ben Gamel, who's jersey is going to read "Gamel". He and Mike Zunino are apparently the only two keeping their original name.

On the mound, depending on how the rotation matches up, it could be "Big Maple" (James Paxton), or simply "Yo" -- Yovanni Gallardo. They could be relieved by "Zep" -- much easier to write in the box score than his full name "Mike Rzepczynski" or "T.A.Z" (Tony Zych) and if all goes well, close it out in the 9th with "Sugar" (Edwin Diaz).

"Just being able to flaunt how you are as a person definitely comes in to play, because some teams are stricter than others with some of the stuff," Mariners reliever Marc Rzepczynski told MLB.Com. "It's nice that we are able to personalize that stuff and be able to show who we are. I'm definitely looking forward to it."

Players will also wear a patch on their sleeve where they will be able to write in a name of someone who helped get them to the big leagues.

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