Will Seahawks win on Sunday? Not according to Vegas

If oddsmakers in Vegas are right, the Seahawks will lose on Sunday.

Bookmaker Jimmy Vaccaro says the Broncos are favored by 2.5 points to win the Super Bowl.

But the 12th man predicts a different outcome -- and Seahawks fans are stepping up with cash. Vacarro expects a record-breaking amount wagered this week, with plenty of opportunities.

"Naturally Richard Sherman is in the news now, and if you want to send somebody down here we'll give you two-to-one on your money if he has an interception," Vaccaro says.

Vaccaro says bettors are also wagering on Russell Wilson's total rushing and passing yardage compared to Peyton Manning.

It's still early in the week, and Vaccaro says things should pick up dramatically on Friday, with 90 percent of bets placed between then and kickoff.