Photo: Seattle baseball dates back over 100 years

Yesler Way Park, Seattle, 1907 - Home to Seattle Siwashes who in 1909 would change their name to the Turks. Capacity 8,000, demolished 1913. (Archived photo/Public Domain)

SEATTLE -- An old photo dating back to 1907 serves as a reminder of the rich baseball history in Seattle.

While most have heard about the Rainiers or Pilots, most don't know about a team with several name changes, and pennants.

The hundred-year-old photo of Yesler Way Park was tweeted out by "Old Baseball Photos" on Monday, and was met with skeptics who doubted its credibility.

Most naysayers pointed to articles written on Wikipedia, that claims the photo is of Dugdale Park. The photo, however, was taken in 1907, before Dugdale Park was built.

The photo in question depicts Yesler Way Park, built on the corner of 12th Avenue and Yesler Way, in 1907. It was built by Dan Dugdale who would later build his namesake stadium.

While officially named Yesler Way Park, most referred to the band-box stadium as "Dugdale Athletic Park" at the time. Yesler Way Park was sold for the land, and Dugdale built a new stadium in Rainier Valley.

The new ballpark - Dugdale Park - was built in 1913, and touted the first double-decker stadium built on the West Coast.

In an article written on, which credits much of its historical facts to the book Rain Check: Baseball in the Pacific Northwest, the lengthy history of baseball in Seattle is depicted.

Baseball in Seattle, before the Rainiers and Pilots, saw a team with several name changes, along with several successful players while backed by Dugdale.


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