Monroe set to built state's first wakeboarding park

MONROE, Wash. -- Washington is getting its first cable wakeboard and waterskiing park, and it's coming to Monroe.

The city says the partnership will be good for residents and business.

Get ready to shred -- wakeboard style. Cabe wakeboarding is coming soon. With the help of a cable line, riders can take to the water and catch air -- big air.

A cable wakeboard is wakeboarding while being pulled by a cable. Instead of a boat, an overhead cable pulls riders through the water.

"We're lucky to have a lot of people who experience wakeboarding behind a boat, but now a lot of people will get the chance to bring that to a lake setting without the need for a boat. Now we have a chance to open up the sport to a larger group of people," said Brad Smith, one of the men behind the WakeBoarding Park push.

Lake Tye is home to summer swimmers and boaters, and especially popular for family weekend outings. By next Memorial Day, the east side of Lake Tye will be transformed into a Cable Wake Board Park.

Artist renderings show how the park will feature a straight line cable for beginners and a more advanced cable loop for "extreme Wakeboarding," said Brad Smith, one of the partners with H30, the local company who will build the park.

"We will actually have a full cable system, seven towers with multiple riders. It's like bringing a terrain park at ski resort or a skate park to the water," said Smith.

It's a public-private partnership. The city owns and provides the Lake, but H30 Development will build and operate it.

"It's so unique there are very few of these in the country and Monroe is the perfect place," said Monroe City Planner Paul Popelka.

The city of Monroe calls it a win-win. Popelka said H30 will make park improvements, share 2 percent of gross earnings and attract people who usually just pass through on Highway 2.

"It'll give them another reason to stop here maybe spend some time," said Popelka.

Word is just now getting out about the Park, although Monroe City Council has been discussing it for the last two years. After some opposition, the city and H30 reached agreement this year.

"It brings people here to Monroe, so I think it's fine," said Monroe's Deanna Calvert. She comes to the Lake with her kids regularly. She hadn't heard about the plan, but said her kids use the Lake to swim and boat, and soon maybe even wakeboard.

Constructions is scheduled to begin in the Fall.

"I don't know much about it, it's kind of crowded on the lake already, so I'm not sure how I feel, " said Monroe resident Yvette Houser.

H-3-0 Development says their park will be similar to ones in Texas and California. The company hopes at some point to partner with ski resorts to offer combined ski passes.

"It's a great step forward for Monroe it's absolutely unique," said Popelka.