Mariner great Olerud hits home run in battle over trees

CLYDE HILL, Wash. -- Dozens of people packed Clyde Hill City Hall on Wednesday to fight for two trees, and the man they were fighting happens to be a former Seattle Mariner great.

John Olerud, the former Mariners first baseman, wants his neighbor to chop down a spruce and a Chinese pine to improve his own view and up the value of his $4 million home.

The neighbor trimmed one tree, but doesn't want to part with either of them.

The decision was put before the Clyde Hill City Council, but not before both sides had their say.

"They are not exempt from the view ordinance," Olerud said of the trees. "We have also established that these trees unreasonably obstruct our view, and we respectfully submit our complaint."

In the end, the council sided with Olerud and ordered the trees to come down, saying they had some infestation issues and clearly blocked Olerud's view.

Olerud will pay for the removal and will replace them with shorter trees.