Fans spend the night to score Timbers tickets

PORTLAND, Ore. - A day before the Portland Timbers' home opener, fans were pitching tents and setting out folding chairs to get tickets.

Will Schough plopped down his folding chair at 10:45 on Friday morning so he could be first.

"I sat down and started reading," Schough said. "Next thing I know, people are telling me there's photos of me on Twitter. I was completely oblivious."

"And thus the line has started," said Ash Harper, second in line, who is friends with Will.

They both work together as operations managers at Fed Ex.

"For sporting events, concerts, anything of the sort, I like to be up close and personal. I like to be where the action is all the time," Harper said as she settled in her chair and blanket for a chilly Friday night.

The game is Saturday at 7:30 pm.