Clock ticking on Sacramento's chance to keep NBA franchise

SEATTLE --Time is running out for the city of Sacramento's scramble to reach an arena deal and possibly keep the Kings from moving to Seattle.

Those hoping to keep the kings in California are still optimistic, but each passing day without a deal makes Seattle's bid look better and better.

One of those optimists is John Shirey. He's the city manager for Sacramento.

"It doesn't look like I'm in negotiations at this moment, but we actually are," he said.

Shirey has been working with Mayor Kevin Johnson to prep a deal to build a new sports arena in downtown Sacramento. The city needs to hash out parking revenue and millions in financial help to boost the bid for the team.

It has failed in the past and Shirey wants to get it right.

"I'm pretty tired of playing this game every year," Shirey said.

The city council wants to vote on a deal on Tuesday to send a strong message to the NBA come April 3rd. That's when Sacramento and Seattle go head-to-head to make their cases to the league. A vote is expected in mid-April.