Battle cry of the Washington Redskins fans: 'Oink, oink!'

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Seahawks are venturing into hostile territory for Sunday's playoff game and Redskins fans can't wait to make a lot of noise and make life difficult for the Hawks.

And there is one group of fans in D.C. who are trying to "hog" the spotlight.

In Seattle, of course, we have the 12th man - colorful figures who get dressed up on game day and wear a lot of face paint.

But in Washington, D.C., the Redskins have a group of fans who have been supporting their team for 30 years.

They are called the Hogettes.

Their battle cry: "Oink, oink, oink! Root 'em out, baby!"

"Well, 1983 was the year of the hog on the Chinese calendar and the Washington Redskins offenseive line was known as the Hogs," says the Boss Hogette.

"The Hogs are really, really special people and nobody knows who they are. And they represent so many people in the Washington D.C. area, you know - the no-names that are behind the scenes, they're making the president and the vice president and congressmen look so great and everything, that they ought to have their own cheerleading squad."

The Hogettes have been devoted to the Redskins for three decades. Their get-up is simple - women's clothing, wigs, and pig noses.

"Cheerleaders used to wear dresses. Now they wear bathing suits - and you don't want to see us in bathing suits," explains the Boss Hogette.

These guys - or Hogettes - are famous. They're in the Hall of Fame in Canton and they're a big part of the Redskins experience.

"What a great honor to represent all the Redskins fans up there - and that's been a trip, for sure," says Boss Hogette.

This year the Hogettes are getting dressed up in their get-up for the first time for a home playoff game in 13 years - and they're bursting at the seams with excitement.