As proceedings drag on, Kings owner says 'Everybody's trying'

NEW YORK -- A sometimes rainy and sometimes cold New York day could make one city's blood boil over.

NBA owners from across the league convened at the St. Regis Hotel Thursday to discuss the topic that will not go away: The future of the Sacramento Kings.

Partial owner of the Kings George Maloof took a break from the proceedings Thursday and seemed pleased an end was near.

"I think that everybody's been fair and worked real hard. Everybody's trying," he said.

Maloof and his family entered into a binding agreement with investor Chris Hansen to sell and value the franchise at $525 million with the intent to move the Kings to move them to Seattle. Maloof had no comment though about the league's vetting process, but did confirm Commissioner David Stern's plan for a final decision in early May.

Charlotte Bobcats owner and NBA legend Michael Jordan said he has not fully reviewed the competing bids from Sacramento and Seattle.

One owner who has is Joe Lacob. He is the owner of the Golden State Warriors. One of his minority owners is Vivek Ranadiv, a millionaire who is part of Sacramento's bid for the Kings. Lacob said he will put that fact aside.

"I'm going to be an objective member of NBA and do the right thing, whatever that is," he said.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is in New York as well and is "ready if needed," according to his office. He has not been publicly available to speak.

The league owners will continue the meeting Friday and will wrap up the day with a news conference headed by David Stern in the afternoon.