A hockey team for Seattle? New developments unveiled

SEATTLE - New developments were revealed Sunday in the fight to make Seattle a hockey city.

Mayor Mike McGinn said he believes Seattle is "Plan B" if a deal to keep the Coyotes in Glendale, Ariz., falls through.

The mayor reveals he spoke with the National Hockey League commissioner last week and delivered the message that Key Arena can support an NHL team, with plans in the works to build a new arena.

The mayor and City Council members also met with potential investors of an NHL team, but McGinn stressed that the likelihood of a hockey team moving to Seattle any time soon is pretty low.

"The good news is the NHL views Seattle as a good NHL market - and that's great news - but as to whether we end up with the team in the near future, a lot of things would have to break against Glendale, and all expectations are that they're working their way toward a deal," McGinn said.

Of course, this all follows Seattle's lost bid for the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise.