Huskies unveil new football uniforms

SEATTLE -- The University of Washington unveiled a new set of football uniforms that will make their debut for the 2014 season.

The updated uniform series features three jerseys, four pants and three helmet colors to allow for a myriad of options on the field.

The uniforms also have a series of Husky references embedded in their design, including a coded sequence embroidered into the back inside neckline referencing a sled dog formation, shoulder panels that mimic the "jaws" of Husky Stadium, and a gold facet on the upper left corner of each jersey number representing the Huskies' ownership of the Pacific Northwest territory.

The team's three helmets will feature the traditional purple 'W'. One is the classic gold, while the others will be all white and all black.
For jerseys, the team will be able to mix a purple, white, or black jersey with purple, gold, white or black pants.