ESPN's 'College GameDay' pulls into Seattle

SEATTLE-- If you are going to wait in the cold to see an old man who wears mascot heads, a put-upon journalist and a retired quarterback, you might as well bring some donut holes.

Such is the life for University of Washington students who are in line 16 hours before ESPN's "College GameDay" hits the air.

"If GameDay is in your city, it's the biggest game of the week," said student David Salley.

GameDay roves the country each week, going live for three hours to talk college football matchups. UW fans will jam Red Square in the early morning hours until the show begins at 6am Pacific time.

Michael Sattler and his friends couldn't put up their tent, so they will huddle with blankets, those donut holes and a deck of playing cards.

"It looks cloudy. Maybe a little cold. A sweatshirt will do," he said.

One of the iconic figures of the show is Lee Corso, a former head football coach. He captures attention every week with his winning pick for the host school or their rival. He dons the mascot head, much to the delight or disgust of the home crowd.

Salley wanted to make sure he was able to be close to Corso come Saturday morning.

"I want to be able to smell his cologne coming off his body," he said.

Just another part of a Saturday morning tradition.