A Record-Breaking Crowd for the First Ever Seattle Pride Wedding


Sunday, June 27, 2016, will be a day to remember in Seattle as it marks the first-ever wedding held at Seattle's Pride Parade. Their story is one that could not have been written any better, and as we quickly journey through their story, one will find that true love never dies.

In the hours leading up the wedding of a lifetime, Bellevue Rare Coins and Angel Designs were granted access to their gorgeous corner suite provided by Seattle's Hotel 1000, where we were able to join in the excitement as the two lovebirds got ready to be announced Mrs. & Mrs. Cerney.

Getting to know Angie and Cheryl a little more in-depth amongst the chaos of getting ready for the major event proved to be easier than anticipated. The two women, immersed in a sea of love, are open books who took the time to explain what it was like growing up in the Houston suburbs, a time when it was still taboo to be openly gay, to rekindling their love by investing 7 more years to ensure they were not one another's Dzrebounddz.

The two girls met while growing up just outside of Houston, TX. Both in high school, Angie a senior and Cheryl a freshman, the two became instant friends unaware of their respective sexuality. As Cheryl puts it, "I was drawn to her (Angie). She was like a magnet."

As we continued to reminisce, the women began to recall the moments they realized their love for one another. Cheryl being four years Angie's junior, would ride in the back seat of Angie's high school boyfriends car, all the while wishing she were the one to be holding her hand. As their friendship progressed, they eventually would share their first kiss together, sparking a consciousness of deeper feelings than the fondness for a friend. When Angie's high school boyfriend proposed, a marriage she did not go through with because she recognized her love for Cheryl, Cheryl told her mother to turn Angie away when she arrived at their house to declare her love. A hasty decision to save oneself from the heartache of being asked to be a bridesmaid for the one she loved. Neither knew it would take another 30 years before hearing from one another again. Life went on as it inevitably does, and the two found themselves on the West Coast, Angie in the Bay Area, Cheryl in Seattle. Throughout the years, Angie states, "I always wondered about her." So in 2006, Angie found Cheryl on social media, but both were in relationships. "Loyal to a fault," they conversed as friends and one another's sounding boards as they worked through their "bad relationships." After seven years, and both relationships failing, they finally came together once they knew a reunion would not mean a "rebound." Eventually, Angie took the plunge and relocated to Seattle so that she and Cheryl could finally make a life together, something they both had been waiting a lifetime for.

While observing and conversing with the two, one can feel the love they feel for one another radiating through the room. As they received hair and makeup services from Jo-Marie from Rudy's Barber Shop and Turina Garner, the two never skipped a beat. Laughing together, finishing sentences, and speaking candidly of their admiration for each other, their loved ones beamed along with them as Eva Rieb captured every cherished moment.

At 9:15 am, the brides, dressed in matching gray and lavender suits provide by Macy's, rode in the Hotel 1000 house car to 4th Avenue and Pine Street to exchange vows in a ceremony officiated by the Mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray. Before an estimated record-breaking crowd of over 450,000 people, the first ever Seattle Pride Wedding was conducted as Angie and Cheryl declared their love and intent of honoring each and the sanctity of their union. The rings: custom designed platinum bands complete with white and colored diamonds, provided by Angel Designs.

Their joyous and historical moment saw them down 4th Ave atop a float designed to look like a wedding cake with the two Mrs. Cerney's as the "cake topper" but not before being surprised by Delta Airlines with a honeymoon of the newlyweds choosing. As the crowd cheered and congratulated the newlyweds on the mile long route to Seattle Center, Angie and Cheryl displayed their contagious love by kissing every chance they got, sending the already enthusiastic crowd into an overwhelming uproar of encouragement and support.

Upon reaching Seattle Center, the two kicked off their reception in front of a crowd parade goers at Pride's Main Stage across from Key Arena. After being introduced by Jason O'Brian, Director of Marketing at Bellevue Rare Coins and Angel Designs, and serenaded by local singer, Jairemie Alexander, the pair tossed bouquets made by local florist Devon at Umlaut and Ampersand, who also provided 75 rainbow-themed roses, along with boutonnieres worn by the brides, the bouquet for Cheryl's mother, and other wedding related florals. Not long after tenderly feeding each other bites of wedding cake by Cupcake Royale, the two were whisked away to continue their celebration with family and friends at a reception hosted by Jones Soda.

Angie and Cheryl's story can only be summed up by two simple ideas:

True love never dies, and Love is love is love.


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