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Thirty Years After Their First Kiss, Angie and Cheryl Will Tie the Knot at Parade


This year, Seattle's Pride Parade will be a grander event than in recent years as two women who shared their first kiss in high school 30 years ago will be united in matrimony at the festivities.

Angel Designs at Bellevue Rare Coins held a contest during the month of May, asking couples within the LGBTQ community to submit a 30-second video as to why they believed they should be selected for the wedding of a lifetime. Standing out amongst the videos received, Angie and Cheryl's story told of two Texas high school girls who shared their first kissed together but ultimately decided the timing was not right to pursue a relationship with one another.

Sometime after parting ways, Cheryl relocated to Seattle and Angie to the Bay Area. With the birth of social media, Angie was able to reconnect with Cheryl some 30years later, and their love was able to flourish once again.

The two are now ready to tie the knot in what will be a historical event: an exchanging of vows, complete with a $50,000 wedding package provided by Angel Designs at Bellevue Rare Coins at Seattle's Gay Pride Parade.

On Sunday, June 26th, 2016, Angie and Cheryl will find themselves celebrating a lifetime of love and entering into matrimony in front of an anticipated 450,000Seattle Gay Pride Parade attendants. Angel Designs at Bellevue Rare Coins, along with many other companies, have donated a generous wedding package to help Angie and Cheryl officiate their union.

The $50,000 wedding package includes:

  • Custom-designed diamond wedding rings by Angel Designs
  • Wedding attire provided by Macy's
  • Wedding cake by Cupcake Royale
  • Hairstyling by Rudy's Barber Shop
  • A reception to be thrown by Jones Soda

Angie and Cheryl's ceremony will take place on the parade's lead float along 4th Ave in Seattle at 11 a.m. with a special guest officiant.

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