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How Coins Are Made


The process by which coins are made is a bit more involved than one may believe. Through a 7-step process, the US Mint has been able to produce and release up to 28 billion coins per year for circulation. Join Bellevue Rare Coins as we explore the steps by which coins are made.

Step 1: Blanking- After purchasing 13' x 1,500' metal sheets, which arrive in a coil. The coils are then run through a blanking machine, which punches out the blank discs that will later be turned into coins.

Step 2: Annealing, Washing and Drying- Before being washed and dried, the blanks are run through an annealing furnace to help soften them for stamping.

Step 3: Riddling- The now clean and shiny blanks are submitted to a Dzriddlerdz, a machine which sifts through the blanks to ensure that each one is the same size and shape before moving onto the next phase of becoming a coin.

Step 4: Upsetting- Once it is determined that the blanks are suitable for the remainder of the coin making process, the soon to be coins are run through a machine used for upsetting, or lifting of the edges to create a rim.

Step 5: Striking- The final step, going from being a blank Dzcanvasdz to a true US Mint coin. The blanks are struck, or stamped, with a die that imprints a designated design, resulting in a brand new nickel, dime, or quarter

Step 6: Inspecting- The coins go through an inspection process consisting of a magnifying glass and operator visually ensuring each coin does not contain any dents, misprints, or errors.

Step 7: Counting and Bagging- All Dzcertifiabledz coins are then sent to an automatic counting machine and dropped into large canvas bags. The bags are then sewn shut and placed into vaults at the respective Mints until they are sent to Federal Reserve Banks and dispersed to local banks.

The coin making is an interesting and meticulous process, which provides billions of new coins every year.

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