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Experts Predict The Growth In Gold To Continue On Its Upward Trend

Currently, gold is sitting pretty at $1222.35 per ounce, when just before Christmas it was resting easy at $1128.90

It has been a little over three weeks since Inauguration Day, and in an effort to keep everyone in the know, the price of gold is on the rise. Currently, gold is sitting pretty at $1222.35 per ounce when just before Christmas it was resting easy at $1128.90.

With an overall increase of ten percent when compared to this time last year, newcomers to gold investing may want jump on the precious metal bandwagon sooner than later as experts are predicting prices will continue to climb.

Increasing one's wealth by including gold into your investment portfolio is a great way to diversify funds as the gold market offers various forms of investing in the precious metal.

For instance, you can expand your investment portfolio with gold through an exchange-traded fund, which operates much like a share or invest in physical gold such as bars or coins. The latter being an equally as great option since it is considered to be easier to access. It is important, however, to set aside a proper storage area for your bullion and create a flawless organization system.

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